Correspondence (Roberto Osa)

Winner of the City of Malaga Prize 2019, Roberto Osa’s latest play, Correspondencia, is a dark comedy set before and after a funeral in small-town Spain. As the wake progresses, a family’s secrets are gradually revealed. Everyone rushes to view the deceased. SILENCE. MARTA:      They’ve done a good job with her. EUGENIO:    She looks a more »

Jauría (Jordi Casanovas)

My translation of Jauría, Jordi Casanovas’ play about the Manada case (a gang rape at the Pamplona Bull Running Festival, and subsequent trial, and social and political fallout) opened the Chicago International Voices Project 2020 on 2 September 2020. The original play, directed by Miguel del Arco and produced by Teatro Kamikaze in Madrid, won more »

Tenant (Paco Gámez)

My translation of Paco Gámez’s Inquilino (Premio Calderón de la Barca 2018) was produced by Cervantes Theatre, London, as part of its 2020 season of New Spanish Playwriting. It was directed by Paula Paz, and starred Sebastián Capitán Viveros. Tenant is the drama of a citizen who is forced to leave his apartment due to a more »

Bad Joke (Jordi Casanovas)

Do you remember, Ernesto asks his best and oldest friend, Oscar, do you remember that time back in our university days when we broke into Felix Goluda’s room and woke him up by slapping him across the face with our cocks, do you remember the look on his face, the surprise, the shock, the fear, more »

Potosí (Ander Izagirre)

Excerpt 1 “A woman can’t enter the mine,” Pedro Villca tells me. “Can you imagine? The woman has her period and Pachamama gets jealous. Then Pachamama hides the ore and the seam disappears.” Villca is an old miner, an unlikely combination in Bolivia. He’s 59 and none of his comrades have made it to his more »

The Swallow (Guillem Clua)

RAY What stories did you mean? EMILY What? RAY Earlier. When I recognized Danny in the photo, you said I would have heard the stories; that everyone knew about it. EMILY Yes, I’m afraid so. In fact, I’m surprised you don’t. RAY About Danny’s accident? EMILY It wasn’t an accident. I don’t know why I more »

IDIOTA (Jordi Casanovas)

DOCTOR EDEL Did you hide the letters so your wife and your daughter wouldn’t find out? TONY Shut up. DOCTOR EDEL Did you hide them? TONY Yes. Fuck. What else do you want? Do you want me to confess? I applied for the fucking loan to open the bar. They rolled out the red carpet, more »