Financial training under the radar

There’s a strong trend towards validated continuing professional development (CPD) in the translation profession. While I think this is generally a good thing – who would argue against keeping your skills and knowledge up to date? – I sometimes wonder whether the emphasis on official courses, certified seminars and the rest is altogether healthy. If I’m honest, this kind of thing makes up a tiny proportion of the skills development required to keep translators up to speed (and improving) in the modern world.

So here is a little list of my “under the radar” financial training for this year (no certificates or courses, just a list of bloody good finance books and blogs that I’ve read during 2015):

  • Monevator – probably the UK’s best investment blog: an informal, one-stop investment studies university
  • The Incredible Shrinking Alpha, Swedroe, L.
  • Irrational Exuberance, Shiller, R.
  • Stocks for the Long Run, Siegel, J.
  • Sterling Bonds and Fixed Income for the Private Investor, Glowrey, M.
  • All About Asset Allocation, Ferri, R.
  • Rational Expectations: Asset Allocation for Adults, Bernstein, W.
  • Smarter Investing, Hale, T.
  • The FT Guide to Exchange Traded Funds, Stevenson, D.
  • D-I-Y Pensions, Hulton, J.
  • Investing Demystified, Kroijer, L.

There’s two ways to think about my slightly chaotic financial self-education. If you’re into things being validated and rubber-stamped, you might worry that my curriculum has some missing elements. But if you care about motivation and passion – and these, surely, are the key ingredients to any effective education – then my list has one really big plus: these are all books that I have read because I wanted to.